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Welcome to New Partnerships.

We are an internet entrepreneurial company based in London, UK, since 2006. We enter into a new partnership with start-ups or already established businesses based in the UK or elsewhere.

Since 2006, we have invested a substantial amount of money and time into the research and development of online technologies as well as sales and marketing strategies that help our partners to promote their products and services to local and global markets in countries such as the US, UK, Russia, China and in the Middle East.

Our key aim is to generate high quality leads by employing our latest technologies and strategies for our business partners in the key industries.

We do not currently have the time or resources to go actively into all of the business sectors for which we own sector specific online technologies and strategies that can drive sales and profits up.

Instead, we can bring our technologies and strategies into our new partnership with your start up or existing business.

If you are an existing business owner or an aspiring start up entrepreneur who is looking to increase sales or start generating profit from selling products or services in one of the above business sectors on a local or global scale then we are the right business partners for your business.

We can structure our new partnership in a manner that may include monthly fees, pay per lead, pay per sale, and profit percentage or equity stake in your new or existing company.

Once we agree to the terms of our new partnership, we will start employing our advanced online technologies and strategies to generate targeted leads/web traffic to your business/website.

There is a very narrow window of opportunity for you or your company to win this unique partnership with us before one of your competitors applies and is favoured over you or your business.

We live in challenging times. We do not have to explain to you that getting noticed as a business in today’s technology driven world is getting more difficult and increasingly expensive. In our experience, a new partnership as we proposed is the most powerful and effective form of client acquisition online and offline.

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