What is App?

An app is like a mini software program for your smartphone, iPad, iPod or other mobile electronic device. If you are familiar with software programs on computers, it shouldn’t take too long to familiarize yourself with apps.

Some apps are informational, like news-related apps. Other apps are entertaining, such as game apps. There are a large number of different apps available for download on many different device platforms. You will likely find that most of the same apps are available on all platforms. This means that if your friend has an app that you want, yet he or she has an iPhone and you have and Android phone, you can usually find the same app for your specific phone anyway. Some apps aren’t available on all platforms, however. For instance, once in a while you’ll run across an app that is available on an iPhone that may not be available on an Android phone and vice versa.

Apps are usually either free or low cost, and most apps that do cost money to buy run $4.99 or less. On occasion, you will find an app that costs more than $4.99. There are many, many 99-cent apps available on various app stores, and there are also many completely free apps available. Most app stores will give you the option to search for free apps in a search box feature on their store site.

Apps need to be downloaded in order to use them, and this takes an Internet connection. They usually don’t take too long to download, however. If you are planning on downloading a lot of apps, make sure you have either unlimited Internet access or an unlimited data connection on your phone. If you don’t have unlimited Internet or an unlimited data connection, you can rack up quite a data usage bill by downloading apps.

Apps are very easy to use, but they occasionally do freeze up, much like computer software does from time to time. If your app screen happens to freeze, just close the app out and restart it. Sometimes an app may have a glitch or bug, and the company may release an update to fix such issues. Try to keep your apps updated as much as possible because this tends to repair the apps that do have glitches.

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