What is Hosting?

A website owner will, inevitably, have to understand hosting. With a Web host, one can showcase their website and information to interested parties all over the world. Of course, most people do not understand what goes into a hosting plan or how it all works. Luckily, it is easy to understand when a person understands the basics of the Internet and Web hosting.

When one buys a domain name, they must connect it to a Web host in order for people to see their site. When going to a company for this service, one will pay around $10 a month to host all their files and data. Usually, upon signing up, a customer will receive a FTP username and password. On top of that, one can get access to vital information via the provided cPanel.

Once a customer can log into the cPanel and FTP, they can get started. To begin, the customer would upload any Web pages and organize them within the folder structure. Of course, when using WordPress or other programs, one would log into their cPanel to install these programs. After setting up a site, one can create email addresses or make changes via the cPanel page.

Now, when choosing a host, one should look for speed and reliability. Luckily, most established companies offer their customers both. On top of that, a good host should offer customers plenty of support options. In fact, a company should offer chat, phone support and email support. Without these options, a customer should look for another Web host who can offer these services. One must remember that support is crucial; when a problem occurs, it is usually pertinent that the company fix the issue quickly.

Without a doubt, a company with an Internet presence must use a Web host. The only alternative is expensive and not practical for most small business owners. With a proper host, one can put their website on the Internet without worrying about having a server in the office. Remember, the relationship with a host is probably one of the most important relationships a business owner should foster.

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