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Buxup is a mobile app developer in London for both Android and Apple (iOS) devices. We are valued by our clients for being an app maker with exemplary attention to detail, transparency, and the ability to deliver on time, every time.

In the digital era, creative apps are an essential way for smartphone and tablet users to keep pace with the fast-moving nature of today's business world. Whether you are aiming for increased sell-through or easy access to your product or service listings for customers who are on the move, Buxup is an app creator with the passion, expertise and flexibility to provide you with an outstanding product.

A focus on efficiency

Our workflows are designed to be as efficient as possible, whether developing for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. This allows us to interpret and meet client briefs, incorporate ongoing feedback, and arrive at the ideal solution sooner. Whether it's Microsoft apps, an iOS app or an Android app - they are built native for a specific platform, allowing us to ensure an optimum user experience.

The dream team

Buxup has carefully selected a team of in-house developers who possess unmatched knowledge on mobile app development. Each specialises in a different area of development, allowing us to cover all aspects of the development journey, from the back end to the mobile part.

Tested and ready to roll out

There has never been a more pertinent time to ensure your new app is fully tested before it is downloadable. That's because of the variety of screen sizes seen in today's devices, as well as the different Android and OS versions. At Buxup, we conduct a comprehensive testing programme for your app, using our range of mobile devices in-house to ensure that whether your users are using old or new models, your app will work just fine. No app appears on Google Play or App Store until it has undergone a period of regular testing across a wide range of devices.

Get more from your mobile app development

We don't just design your app ready for use, we can also provide other services which add value to the Buxup offering. You will have a big advantage in the post development care which Buxup provides, offering you the benefit of an automated monitoring system which acts as a safeguard against crashes and bugs.

App Store Optimisation (“ASO”)

We offer a consultancy of the best descriptions and keywords to use in the registration and marketing of your app, ensuring that you have more chance of hitting your target audience. This includes a thorough review of your market position in order to find the best keywords for you and then advertising your app effectively through targeted campaigns.

This is known as App Store Optimisation (ASO) and is crucial in allowing you to rank higher in the search results brought up on App Store. Customer visibility is key, so the ability to appear prominently in App Store search results is vital to the successful launch of a new app. It all adds up to more views of your app page on App Store, and more downloads as a result. To be found among other apps in a congested marketplace is one of the most difficult challenges for mobile apps, but it is a problem we can solve together.

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