Pay Per Click Managament

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most accepted methods when conducting internet marketing. Its popularity becomes more heightened because of its efficiency and cost effective way it presents itself on your website.

In simple terms, PPC advertising is described as a method of online advertising in which an internet marketer places an ad and pays a set amount whenever a user clicks on that particular ad. At BuxUp, we manage PPC advertising across all the major platforms and have experienced consultants that are extremely knowledgeable in the PPC systems and their various tools and its application. We also own an ad platform ourselves here at

Our PPC Services

We offer three pay per click services for our clients:

1. PPC Set -Up Service

Our PPC set-up service includes keyword research, campaign creation, ad group creation, writing adverts and selecting landing pages, configuring max Cost Per Click (CPC), configuring advanced aspects such as position preference and limiting ad display times, configuration of analytics for conversion data and reports of changes, covering keywords, advert text and costs.

2. PPC Management Service

This includes a monthly report and monthly management and maintenance of advert campaign through contestant amendment of any adverts and keywords that are under performing and also updating the CPC.

3. Existing PPC Service

We can take over your existing PPC campaign if you have one that does not generate enough traffic or is underperforming, or costs are very high in comparison to its yield. We can reduce costs while increasing relevant traffic through to your website. As a whole, we can assess and re-optimise your system across the board.

Please note our Pay Per Click fee is only for one paid advertisement provider.

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