Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? It is nothing but some of the key on-page optimization that has to be implemented in your site to improve your online ranking.

Without search engine optimization or search engine marketing basics, it is not possible for any internet marketer to earn good income. If you look at the less successful websites in any given search engines, the only viable reason for the poor performance would be absence of SEO basics. We specialize at search engine marketing, and our detailed knowledge of search engine optimisation can ensure that your website achieves an increased online visibility through improved rankings in the search engine results pages.

Our SEO Services

Our SEO services include: (1) identifying relevant keywords within the title of your web pages,  website description, web content, including images and videos; (2) creating a search engine friendly site map and submitting the website to a multitude of major search engines; (3) integrating the website with Google, Bing and Yahoo webmasters as these are the three main contenders; (4) writing original articles with relevant keywords and submitting these articles to major article directories and blogs; (5) integrating the website with Google Analytics; (7) publishing original articles with relevant keywords on your website blog on a monthly basis; and (8) sending monthly SEO reports.

Our SEO prices are highly competitive.

We can offer your fixed prices for the following SEO services:

  1. Niche or local keywords
  2. Competitive local keywords
  3. Highly competitive local keywords
  4. Niche national keywords
  5. Competitive national keywords
  6. Competitive national keywords
  7. Highly competitive national keywords
  8. Competitive global keywords
  9. SEO Pricing for a Budget – we can accommodate any budget.

Please note actual prices may vary depending on your specifications and does not include any taxes of any nature. Most competitive keywords cost depend on how competitive they are and how well established and designed your website.