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As a web design company we design website, landing pages, advertisement banners, social media pages, mobile apps in a manner that appeals aesthetically to the user. We use our creativity, latest web design innovation and quality checks in order to attract more users to online business.

In our web development we take into account the search engine optimisation (SEO) aspects that need of the web portal in order to ensure that the website ranks higher in the search engines listings. Moreover, search engine optimization can only work hand in hand with website design and website development. The website development process involves the inclusion of on-page SEO needs.

A good website design takes into account the SEO strategy and blends it with the web development process. A good web design automatically ensures the balancing of the SEO needs and the basic objectives of the website. We employ a highly talented and experienced team of website developers and website design specialists to undertake all the bespoke projects that our clients may require.

Web Design Services

We realise that large budgets for such services are rarely available. Therefore, our company strives to offer website design quotations that are reasonable and very competitive in the UK and beyond.

If you are aiming for a first-class web design agency, you require complex graphic design, custom coding, website development, uniquely developed functions as well as features and you have set aside a sizeable budget for your website; our company is here to help you.

We also offer web advice, consultancy and a personalised service throughout ant given project. We have highlighted some typical examples below to give you an idea of what we can offer a perspective client:

Simple Webpage

Most businesses realise that an online presence is essential. However, some businesses may not require the complete website package, or a full website may not be essential to their type of business. Alternatively, only a single webpage may be needed as stepping stone until such a time comes that the business is ready to launch a complete website.

If this seems to be the case, a single webpage may be developed that will include an overview of what your business is about, including what is it you have to offer. A simple customer enquiry form will be included with your business’ full contact information displayed should the customer require a more direct communication method.

Please note the time in hours to create a single page website might require the same effort and hours in terms of graphic design and set up as a site with more than 100+ pages. It is the initial design and development that takes time. Once this is completed it can be applied with relative simplicity to any subsequent pages that may be required.

Five Pages as an “Online Brochure” Style Website

This is a basic website package that consists of five pages. Usually these will consist of the following “Home”, “About Us”, “Our Products” or “Our Services”, “Contact Details” and “Enquiry Form”. However these can be customised to cater to your individual requirements. It will be the client’s responsibility to provide us the relevant content. However, we can help you if required to find the applicable and appropriate images for the business website.

A Ten Page Website for a Small or Medium Business

We can create a corporate website with all the basic features as described in Option 2. In addition, pages including a portfolio or customer testimonials about the business’ products or services. If it is required, we can include action features that will help the client’s website generate lead or sales. We can install Google Analytics code and submit the site map to major search engines for search engine optimisation purposes.

Basic e-Commerce Website

If you desire a website to sell a single item or very small number of products or services by using Rambler or similar payment methods. We can set up this website for you with the required applicable features.

Full e-Commerce Website with Admin Function

If you require a full e-commerce website which includes a shopping cart, on site payment options and facilities such as PayPal or credit card payments this is the package for you. Also included is a user friendly website admin area where you can manage and edit your own stock or list your services, amend unit prices, delivery dates and taxes etc. We will be very happy to assist you along the way to understanding how your new system works.

Content Managed System Website

We can create a website with a content management system (CMS). You will be able to update and change your website content on a daily basis if required.

Interactive Websites such as Social Media, Forum, Portal, Large E-Commerce or Directory

We can creat a fully functional social media portal or forum or real estate directory. Please note that an estimated price for a website like a forum, social network or a web directory may vary depending on requested features.

Fully Revenue Generating Websites through Advertisements

We can set up your own online revenue generating website through advertising. This will require search engine optimization, content development, pay per click campaigns and social media networking.

Do It Yourself from a minimum budget

If you want to build your own website utilising an economical budget, then we recommend that you register a domain name, buy web hosting and start building your own website at BuyNameSite.

Work on Hourly Rates

We can help you to manage your website content, seo efforts, pay per click management or social media management or build an app or bespoke software for as little as £35.00 per hour. If you require more complex changes we will provide you with a competitive rate.
We hope that all the information listed above gave you an idea of our typical web design services, online marketing and advertising, mobile apps and software development prices and rates. It is difficult to generalise on service prices. Each business requirement is different and costs may vary. The website packages listed above are however good examples of our typical services costs. All prices are competitive and negotiable to a reasonable extent.

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